Mil Spec Tapes

MidSouth Packaging carries a variety of tape products that meet Mil Spec requirements. We can carry many types of Mil Spec Tapes that are used for electrical insulation in electrical wire harnesses, electrical coils, capacitors, transformers and printed circuit boards.

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ASTM-D5486 (supercedes PPP-T-60, TY 3, CL 2) Polypropylene clear Bar Code Protection Tape
ASTM-D5486 (PPP-T-76) Paper Carton Sealing Tape
PVC Premium Quality Sealing Tape (Tan & Clear)
PPP-T-97C, TY 1, TY2, & TY 4 (Black Filament Tape)
ASTM-D5486, TY 4, CL 1 (supercedes PPP-T-60, TY 4, CL 1). Cloth Olive Drab Military Duct Tape