Metal-Guard (VCI) Masking Film

Premium Metal-Guard VCI Masking Film is a specially designed film that is used to protect parts that are difficult to package in VCI paper or film. The pressure-sensitive film adheres firmly to the metal and peels off clean, leaving no residue. Film is transparent, easy to use, designed for preventing corrosion on polished and coated metal surfaces stored indoors. The film also protects against dirt and other contaminants.

The LDPE film is coated with a proprietary, water based, acrylic adhesive system with multi-metal corrosion inhibitors infused in the adhesive matrix. Lightweight, flexible and durable, the film can be used to protect specific areas of metal on a larger part.

Protects ferrous and nonferrous metals

Odorless, safe and easy to use

RoHS compliant and OEM approved

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