Protek Wrap® Corrosion Inhibitor VCI Paper – PW33

Protek Wrap (PW33) is a 35 lb/ream (57 g/m2 ) natural kraft saturated throughout with Daubert Cromwell’s proprietary ferrous volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) and waxed one side for enhanced molding and moisture barrier properties. PW33 is intended for hand-wrapping small and oddly shaped metal parts against corrosion-causing elements in the environment during storage and shipment. Durable and moisture resistant, the wax paper protects ferrous metals, including steel and cast iron, without the need for surface applied oils or rust protective liquids.

PW33 paper has corrosion inhibitors on both sides and 6-language print on one side to identify it as valuable packaging for metals.

Non-toxic, OEM-approved VCI chemistry

No heavy metals, chromates, phosphates, or secondary amines

RoHS compliant

Available in rolls, cut sheets, and custom sizes

MidSouth Packaging Inc.

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