Archival Wraps & Barriers

Museum/Fine Art Protection

The MARVELSEAL® family of Barriers is the Industry Standard in protection of Art and Artifacts during shipment and storage. All barriers offer excellent protection against the transmission of water vapor and other atmospheric gasses. All are economical, flexible and easy to fabricate…and are ideal for lining the inside of shipping crates and exhibit cases and for lining shelves with the objective of eliminating off-gassing from exposed wooden surfaces.

Printing Options

All Marvelseal® barriers are in stock in both Unprinted (specifically for the Archival Marketplace) and Printed (for Military/Government applications).

Marvelseal 360® is a lamination of Nylon/Foil/Poly and offers excellent MVTR and superior puncture resistance. – See Data Sheet

Marvelseal 470® is a lamination of Polypropylene/Foil/Poly and is slightly easier to heatseal while providing equal protection against moisture penetration and insect infestation. See Data Sheet

Marvelseal 1311® is a lamination of Cloth/Foil/Poly and offers excellent MVTR protection and is ideal for easily attaching to wooden crates or shelving using wood glue or other adhesives. – See Data Sheet

Marvelseal 585® is a Tyvek®/Foil/Poly barrier and offers superior strength and MVTR protection as well as a smooth white facing if preferred. – See Data Sheet

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