Nox-Rust® Vapor Wrapper (VW35D)

“Nox-Rust Vapor Wrapper (VW35D) is a 35 lb/ream (57 g/m2) natural kraft saturated throughout with Daubert Cromwell’s proprietary ferrous volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) formulation. VW35D is designed for general and long-term protection of ferrous metals, including steel and cast iron, without the need for surface-applied oils or rust protective liquids.

VW35D paper has corrosion inhibitors on both sides and 6-language print on one side to identify it as valuable packaging for metals.
Also available nitrite-free (VW35DH) and poly coated for applications where moisture barrier is needed.

MidSouth Packaging, Inc. is a Military specifications packaging supplier and convertor to Military Contractors and various Defense agencies. Our network of distribution facilities allows for same-day shipments for next-day deliveries.

MidSouth Packaging Inc.

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