Poly Bags, Film & Tubing

Bags, film and tubing are made through a process called blown film extrusion. It’s where polyethylene is melted and extruded vertically into a bubble which then makes its way downstream to be slit, folded or sealed. With access to over 53 extrusion lines in 5 manufacturing facilities, it is easy to order custom LD and LLD polyethylene bags, tubing and sheeting from 4” to 150” in gauges of 0.75–8 mil. You can choose from 14 stock colors, 4 venting styles and a host of performance additives.

Smart Tech Bags Technology

Custom items can be manufactured with Smart Tech Bags® technology, engineered to provide over 3X the impact and 2X the tensile strength of traditional low-density polyethylene. Exclusively manufactured for us in the U.S.A. under strict ISO 9001 regulations.

100% Renewable Energy

These products are manufactured with 100% renewable energy from sources like wind and solar power.

Order with Confidence

Our reps are experts at walking you through the process of custom ordering so you can order with confidence.

T-Shirt Bags

❖ Commonly referred to as “Thank You,” T-sack, or carry out bags, T-shirt Bags are often used in retail applications.
❖ High Density film composition makes our T-Shirt Bags durable, lightweight, and resistant to punctures.
❖ The most commonly used size in the industry offered in white color film for a level of opacity.

Layflat Bags 1.25-1.5mi

Layflat & Ziplock Bags

❖ On rolls and in cases
❖ .75 mil – 8 mil
❖ Over 600 STOCK sizes

Gusseted Poly Bags

❖ On rolls and in cases
❖ .75 mil – 8 mil
❖ Over 370 STOCK sizes

Poly Film for Automated Packaging Equipment

❖ Ideal for Top Sheets, Postal-Approved Poly Wrappers, Horizontal & Vertical Form, Fill &
❖ Seal Systems and L-Bar Sealers
❖ 10” to 68” Single Wound Film

❖ 32” to 136” (opening) Center Fold Film
❖ .75 mil – 8 mil
❖ Printing: Treatment can be specified up to 44 Dynes, Anti-Stat, VCI, Slip, Tint available

Poly Tubing

❖ Flat & Gusseted
❖ .75 mil – 8 mil
❖ 2” to 150” (width + depth)
❖ Over 128 STOCK sizes

C & A (Construction/Agricultural) FILM

❖ 1 to 6 mil
❖ Clear or Black
❖ 3’ to 20’ Wide
❖ 47 STOCK sizes

Food Service Packaging

❖ Layflat & Gusseted (bottom & side)
❖ Polypropylene & 9-layer Poly/Nylon Vacuum Pouches
❖ Wicketed
❖ Heavy Duty Ice Bags
❖ Meets all FDA and USDA requirements
❖ Over 50 STOCK sizes

Static Control Products

❖ Layflat & Gusseted Bags and Tubing
❖ Pink Anti-Stat & Black Conductive
❖ Extra Strong Bottom Seal and Side Welds
❖ 4 mil PAS Bags and Tubing meets MIL-PRF-81705, TY II & EIA-541

❖ 4 mil Black Conductive Bags and Tubing meets MIL-P-82646, Rev B
❖ Transparent Metallic Static Shielding Bags (Flat & Ziplock) meet electrical and physical requirements of ANSI/ESD S20-20 Program Compliant

Specialty Bags

❖ VCI (Premium Metal Guard) Bags Flat & Gusseted Plain & ZipLock Sheeting Tubing

❖ Shrink Film Bonnets & Covers, Stretch Film, Shrouds, Perforated
❖ 2 mil – 8 mil
❖ Multi-metal protection against corrosive effects of moisture, salt and other contaminants during packaging, shipping and storage

❖ Mattress Bags – Vented Standard & Pillowtop Twin to X-King Bags on Rolls
❖ Furniture Covers
❖ Merchandise Bags w/die-cut handles
❖ Newspaper Bags
❖ Postal Approved Mailing Bags
❖ Garment Bags
❖ Clear Wicketed Bread Bags


Our Hand Stretch Film offering includes the most popular cast, blown, pre-stretched, and narrow width banding films. Hand Stretch Film secures and stabilizes heavy pallet loads and protects the products from damage while in transit. In addition to excellent puncture resistance, high clarity allows for easy visibility and bar code reading.

Hand Stretch Film is stocked in gauges from 24 to 80 Gauge (100 Gauge = 1 Mil).


  • All our Hand Stretch Blown, Cast, and Pre-Stretched Films are wound on 3” cores.
  • Narrow Width Banding Film comes with 1 handle dispenser per case. Item 14120 comes with 41/2” extended core handle.