Metal-Guard Shrink VCI Film

Premium Metal-Guard VCI/UV shrink film is 6 mil polyethylene with a proprietary blend of volatile corrosion inhibitors. The transparent (tinted blue), heat-sealable film is heat shrinkable and UVI (ultraviolet light) stabilized, making it suitable as a corrosion preventive wrap for metal surfaces in outdoor applications.

Flexible, recyclable Premium Metal-Guard shrink wrap film provides barrier protection to the packaged part, while the VCI provides active corrosion protection. Available in wide widths for covering large and irregularly shaped equipment during storage, shipment and export.

The “heat shrinkable” feature allows the film to conform to the shape of the metal part. Use conventional heat shrinking equipment. Film may also be used without heat shrinking when wrapping large, bulky and unconventional shapes. Easy and safe to handle.

Also available in 4 mil

Standard roll sizes:

6 mil – 240″ W x 100′

4 mil – 240″W x 165′

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