Biohazard Infectious Waste Liners

These Biohazard Infectious Waste Liners are used in hospitals and healthcare facilities to contain potentially infectious dressings and other waste. 

Hazardous waste bags and transport bags are used to collect infectious medical waste, as well as waste that contains heavy metals, toxic materials, and chemicals that require special handling. Hazardous waste bags are used in hospitals, nursing homes, and industrial settings where hazardous waste is produced.

Liner Sizes

FitsW&LBags/RLSCase CountCase WT
7-10 Gallon24 X 24*25/2050025
20-30 Gallon30 X 3625/1025023
31-33 Gallon33 X 3920/1020022
44 Gallon37 X 5015/1015024
40-45 Gallon40 X 4610/1010016

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