MIL-DTL-17667 (Neutral Wrap)

MIL-DTL-17667, TY 1 is a 30# Flat Kraft wrapping paper used for packaging military supplies and equipment. It is chemically-neutral and non-corrosive. It is printed with a Blue Stripe as required.

MIL-17667, TY 2 is a 35# Creped Kraft paper used for wrapping military supplies and equipment and is chemically-neutral and non-corrosive. It is also printed with the required Blue Stripe.

Available in sheets and rolls

Stock roll sizes: 36″ x 200 LYDS & 48″ x 200 LYDS

MidSouth Packaging, Inc. is a Military specifications packaging supplier and convertor to Military Contractors and various Defense agencies. Our network of distribution facilities allows for same-day shipping for next-day deliveries.

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