Bulk Desiccant

MidSouth Packaging, Inc. offers Bulk desiccants including packaging moisture control desiccants made from Silica Gel, Silicate Clay compounds and Molecular Sieve in the following packet sizes: 1 Gallon Can – 6 lbs. 5 Gallon Pail – 35 lbs. 10 Gallon Drum – 70 lbs. 30 Gallon Drum – 200 lbs. 55 Gallon Drum – 300 lbs. Super Sacks – 1000 – 2000 lbs.

Silica Gel:

Silica gel is an amorphous form of synthetically manufactured silicon dioxide. Though it is referred to as a gel, it comes in the form of hard, translucent granules. What makes this desiccant so versatile is the fact that it absorbs molecules of water into its internal pores and leaves no by-products or chemical reaction. Our desiccant gel is suitable for several uses.

Indicating Silica Gel:

Indicating silica gel desiccant demonstrates the same features as that of regular silica gel. The only differentiating factor being that when Indicating Silica Gel starts reaching its full adsorption capacity, it changes color. This alerts users so that they can replace the desiccant gel.


Montmorillonite clay is a naturally occurring adsorbent material and can be used within normal temperature and humidity ranges. This form of clay will revive itself for re-use at low temperatures without bloating or deterioration. It is also cost-effective as a desiccant.

Molecular Sieve:

This desiccant is a manufactured zeolite and features an intricate network of pores and empty cavities, giving it exceptional adsorbing properties. Molecular sieves are the most aggressive desiccant option available. It is usually drawn from sodium potassium or calcium alumina silicate.

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