Laminated Vapor Barriers & Military Packaging Materials

MidSouth Packaging offers a wide range of coating and laminating capabilities. From snack packs to aerospace component packaging, to extrusion and adhesive laminating and inline flexo-printing, as well as slitting and die-cutting – MidSouth Packaging is your solution provider.


Wide-web Extrusion Laminating

We mount vapor barriers, foil, reinforcing scrim, fabric, kraft paper and paper board (in any combination) for applications such as stock poly bags (Food, Medical, Industrial), Bakery Trays and Insulation Facers.

Wide-web Extrusion Coating

We apply molten resins to coat papers, films, fabrics, and foils for applications such as VCI paper and specialty vapor barriers in multi-wall and duplex bags, composite cans, fiber drums, and masking and stencil paper.

Adhesive Laminating

We apply liquid adhesives to mount vapor barriers, films, foil, paper and paperboard (in any combination) for applications such as microwaveable products and decorative base stocks such as holograms or metallized films. Film/Film and Film/Foil laminations provide a smooth clear surface for outstanding graphics with excellent bond for strength and durability.


Up to 10-color (including the ability to backside register print). We also have a line of high-gloss coatings and offer stat-of-the-art technology capable of printing photographic quality images to give your products the shelf appeal that you are looking for.

Slitting, Sheeting, Die-Cutting, Boxing

Whatever special needs you may have, MidSouth Packaging can meet those needs. Standard core sizes – 3”, 4”, 5”, 10” and 12”.